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General Situation
The uniform in the market mostly is in the same cutting and has ignored most men's somatotype. The so called "fit" only requires size but comfort. Our R&D has deeply studied human body such as the muscle move, fabric characteristics. We will do our best to make customized clothing. Our R&D is albe to make outstanding texture, and create a series of modern clothing which will beautify your industry CIS.

No. of Research and The Development Staff

Research and Development Equipment
German Sportwear test apparatus French Textile test apparatus

Certificate and Other Authentication
Awards 1. 2003, 2004, 2006 Golden Award of group clothing 2. 2004, 2006 Golden Award of clothing design 3. Champion of Hong Kong Uniform Design 4. Silver Award of Asia Clothing Design Certification 1.ISO9002 Int'l quality certification 2.Grade A men clothing Designer 3.Grade A women clothing Designer

Taipei Headquarter, Dunguan Branch


Company Name:1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.
Address:Taipei,Taiwan Zip/Post Code:106211
Tel  :886-6-23948000-102 Fax:886-2-23076483
Contact Person1:Hsieh Shiu Nii
Job Title1:Asst. General Manager
Department1:Marketing Department
Cell Phone1:0912345678
Contact Person2:Hsieh Mi Shu
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