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Managing Objective

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Managing Objective

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Executive Management
chairman Shieh

Job Title


Education Experience/ Degree
the Dr. of Wisconsin with honours

Specialized Domain
Design, Marketing, Management

Specialized Approval Qualifications
Certification of ICMC international management consultant

Outstanding Achievements
golden award of global art promotion

Code of Conduct-1
Profession, Quickness, Service We emphasize on our profession and service spirit. While you decide to choose us as your partner, we will construct your company image with best service quality. We offer several styles, fabrics, great handwork, reasonable price. We will consummately accomplish your demands with profession, honest.

Code of Conduct-2
Creativeness, Humanity We have a product line of high tech, and produce with computer system. By our rich experience, and deeply study of Taiwan, we are able to design the cutting that fits the eaterns. No matter what somatotype your staff is, we are capabile to satisfy their needs. Our top goal is "Fit everyone".

Code of Conduct-3
Code of Conduct three

Code of Conduct-4
Code of Conduct four

Code of Conduct-5
Code of Conduct five


Company Name:1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.
Address:Taipei,Taiwan Zip/Post Code:106211
Tel  :886-6-23948000-102 Fax:886-2-23076483
Contact Person1:Hsieh Shiu Nii
Job Title1:Asst. General Manager
Department1:Marketing Department
Cell Phone1:0912345678
Contact Person2:Hsieh Mi Shu
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