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Development Objective-1
{Professional division} 1.Continually persuit breakthroughs and growth in group clothing techniques and designing. 2.Based on existing basis to make professional products and market division for effective promotions,raising competitiveness and strengthening fine quality services to buyers.

Development Objective-2
{Going deep into China} 1.Emphasize on China's import and export development, and to promote provincial business interaction. 2.Expand service spots and sevice events more aggressively.

Development Objective-3
{Global arrangement} 1.Attending shows aggressively, making contact with buyers around the world, and creating business opportunities. 2.Strengthening internet marketing, providing buyers more convenient, faster on line trading environment. (1).Short term objective: to create a complete trading platform. (2).Mid term objective: to develope a global business trading group.

Development Objective-4
Development Objective four

Development Objective-5
Development Objective five


Company Name:1Shuinii Corporation Ltd.
Address:Taipei,Taiwan Zip/Post Code:106211
Tel  :886-6-23948000-102 Fax:886-2-23076483
Contact Person1:Hsieh Shiu Nii
Job Title1:Asst. General Manager
Department1:Marketing Department
Cell Phone1:0912345678
Contact Person2:Hsieh Mi Shu
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